Do You Need to Hire a Professional to Clean Up After Water Damage?

Within minutes…

Water spreads rapidly to other places, quickly increasing the scope and cost of this reduction. Stains from furniture can dye the rug permanently. 

Within hours…

Furniture in direct contact with water swells or divides. Odor becomes a problem.

Within days…

Mold develops, along with the feature “musty” odor. Sensitive elements in pianos and organs swell and malfunction with elevated humidity. Metal surfaces start to corrode. Doors and window casings swell and distort or delaminate. Electronic components malfunction due to moisture condensation. Allergic reactions escalate.

Within weeks…

Engineered timber warps and splits, while chemicals in timber dissolve and discolor or destroy finishes. Prices escalate dramatically as the requirement for gutting the structure and replacing components becomes necessary. Health dangers are everywhere. Building Occupants might be asked to leave their property because of security and health dangers. Children & the elderly are at higher risk because of weaker immune systems

This is an incredibly technical field of study with continuously evolving technologies that enable professionals to wash buildings entirely within 2-3 days with very little or no demolition with CLEAN WATER.

Any water aside from class 1 “clean” water has entirely different protocols along with major health hazards that will likely be existing (and made worse) when the steps needed aren’t taken. There should be no need to “disinfect” carpeting in a clean water loss. You can’t really repaint a porous surface like carpet and you do not have to employ chemicals in the event the water is from a clean source and dried within 24-48 hours (thorough cleaning is all that’s required). In states like Maine if a business employs disinfectants or antimicrobials they will need to be a licensed Master pesticide applicator or risk stiff fines.

To dry carpet, subfloor, hardwood & walls QUICKLY WITHOUT MOLD needs very specialized equipment (often a heating drying application), a solid understanding of temperature/humidity management, and moisture meters to measure moisture content to verify that materials have been dried properly. These scenarios should only be handled by a certified, highly experienced tech.

Time is a huge factor and MANY water damage scenarios do not need professional help. If there are concrete floors with glue-down carpet, or flooring tiles over concrete with very little if any wall damage with sterile water then a person can surely manage their own water loss with the ideal equipment, desire, and a little training.

To dry construction with the subfloor, drywall, cushioned rug, plaster, hardwood floors, behind cabinets, at a crawlspace or big area might well mean permanent loss of land worth, refusal of insurance coverage, and severe health risk to occupants.

Respectable contractors warranty their work for 3-5 decades, have pollution and liability insurance, maintain IICRC certifications, provide a thorough water damage report if work concludes (we provide a 25-page report documenting everything that takes place including all of the humidity, humidity, and moisture readings), have good references and yes will bill for their services like any other specialist. The Better Business Bureau is a fantastic source too.

Like any professional, accountability is a huge factor, the average employer will likely have several hundred million dollars in technical equipment, a group of certified professionals with years of expertise, and resources to determine (and reveal) that the extent of damages both visible and hidden.

And finally, there’s a reason insurance companies suggest calling in a restoration firm. And not because they wish to spend tens of thousands of dollars. It’s because we save them thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. These savings come from rapid drying that may prevent the need for demolition, preventing mold growth, preventing bacterial growth, preventing suits, and getting back the homeowners in the region safely and quickly.

Another significant factor is documentation and guarantees. When a house is sold you need to disclose water losses or risk big lawsuits. When managed correctly by specialists this is not an issue. You’ve got the documentation and we are just a phone call away.

In short yes, many little water damage scenarios do not need the cost of professional restoration companies.

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