Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Experts

We recognize the trauma and emotional upset that citizens suffer because of smoke and fire damage. Therefore, we work quickly and considerately to provide fire damage restoration in Nanuet, NY.

Contents include household products, fixtures, metals, and other things. And we all know how expensive it is to replace these items. But, we have the solution. Our state-of-the-art tactics and cleaning procedures frequently prevent replacement costs, thus decreasing costs. 

Undoubtedly, fire and smoke damage restoration requires understanding and ability. Our PuroClean professionals are highly trained and possess the experience to do the job right. Are you searching for fire damage restoration in Nanuet, NY, or surrounding areas? Check out our solutions below.

PuroClean of Nanuet — Here for the Fire Damage Restoration wants in Nanuet, NY

PuroClean of Nanuet employs many fire restoration experts prepared to work closely together with you to remediate all of your fire-damaged places. Our experts will work with compassion and concentrate on your concerns through this entire process. Fire damage in your Nanuet, NY home ought to be addressed quickly and economically. These restoration services will include estimating your damage to structure and belongings. After this, we will expediently restore clean, and deodorize your home or business. Visit this restoration company and find out more about fire and smoke damage restoration services.

Our trained team will start by assessing the harm, then we’ll relocate things from the house, cleaning and selecting those that are salvageable. We’ll remove soot and some other pollutants in the air and all surfaces.

Smoke Odor Removal & Deodorization in Nanuet, NY

Using professional equipment, our experienced and compassionate technicians remove smoke odors, leaving your residential or commercial property clean and clean.

Additional Temporary Protection Steps

To protect your premises from further damage by rain or intruders, we do roof-tarping and board-ups.

Even after the fire is put out land damage can persist for days; a rapid reply can be the difference between salvageable property and intense harm.

PuroClean of Nanuet can be relied on to react quickly for your own fire damage restoration requirements. We are conscious of the devastation you are going through due to the damage to your business or home. This is precisely why we will be very careful when managing your personal belongings. PuroClean of Nanuet will subsequently use their state-of-the-art technology to eliminate smoke odors from every area.

PuroClean of Nanuet Fire Mitigation Services Include:

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Nanuet, NY

PuroClean of Nanuet is dedicated to eliminating excess drying and water in all of the impacted areas to avert any additional water damage caused by extinguishing the flame. After assessing the degree of damage from fire, water, smoke, and soot, we’ll start to identify and remove all non-salvageable products. Items that can be salvaged will be kept on site or at a location off-site. We’ll also supply temporary protection with board-ups and tarps where required. Furthermore, PuroClean of Nanuet may also remove unseen biological and chemical pollutants. As soon as the property is completely dry, we’ll remove the soot from many surfaces and possessions. And finally, our techs will eliminate any remaining dust, smoke, and debris, and then proceed on to fully sanitizing your house. Visit this website for more information.

Emergency Sanitation & Cleaning

We will eliminate debris, dust, and soot from your property, leaving it fresh and clean.

Pack-Outs & Contents Cleaning

Salvageable items influenced by the fire will need to be removed. PuroClean of Nanuet will package out these furnishings and possessions. Based on the available space and the volume of things removed, cleaning and restoring those items may occur off- or onsite.

Temporary Protection and Board-ups

Fire can affect a lot of different areas in your business or home. PuroClean of Nanuet will board up windows and doors and tarp your roof to offer temporary security.

Eliminating Carpets and Padding

Removing soot from carpet can be quite hard, even if the carpeting is salvageable. If we cannot salvage the carpeting, PuroClean of Nanuet will remove both the carpet and padding.

Nanuet, NY puff-back cleaning

Throughout a property fire, there’s a possibility that your oil furnace will malfunction, suddenly expelling debris and soot. PuroClean of Nanuet will wash this for you.

When the fire damage restoration is done, it’s time to return your house to usual. Our construction team will provide the necessary repairs and rebuilding, with complete project management solutions.

What to do and not to do after a flame


Get in touch with PuroClean of Nanuet immediately!

Do Not:

  • Try to clean or wash out the residue by yourself
  • Turn on the TV or other electrical appliances until the risk has been assessed
  • Utilize furniture or carpet affected by the flame
  • Consume food which might have been subjected to smoke, heat, or soot. This includes non-perishables!

What do I do when I have a fire late at night and need help?

PuroClean of Nanuet is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and will respond to your call for fire damage recovery any time, on any day. We’ve got your best interests at heart, and restoring your property correctly, the first time is our top priority. Call us now at (845) 570-5060!

Is a house fire covered by my insurance?
It will depend on your policy. If it’s insured, the insurance company will cover all bills up to this limit in your coverage, and you’re accountable for the amount of the deductible. Contact your agent to find out if this loss is covered.